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Government of Tamil Nadu
State Transport Authority

         Renewal of Driving
             1.            Who can apply?

      1. Holder of Driving Licence which is expired.
      2. The applicant should not be disqualified.

2.            What are the documents to be submitted?

      1. Application in Form-9
      2. Application in Form-1a (1a – if the applicant is above 50 years)
      3. Medical Certificate in Form-MCC
      4. Driving Licence
      5. Proof of Age
      6. Passport size photos-2 copies

3.            What is the amount of Fees payable?

  1. Book Form Rs.25/-  Laminated Card Rs.100/- + Service Charges Rs.50/-
  2. Additional Fee for belated renewal of Rs.50/- per year or part thereof    

4.            To whom should one apply?
                         Regional Transport Officer/ Motor Vehicle Inspector Grade I

  1.      The applicant should appear in person at the Regional Transport Office. In case the driving Licence expired

          more than 5 years ago, a fresh driving test will be conducted for renewal of the Licence.

         6.             Time limit for getting a Driving Licence renewed.
                      Same day