Road Safety is life safety                                                       Keep sufficient distance from vechicle                                                   Safety is more important than speed                                                   Speed Thrills But Kills                                                   Normal speed meets every need.

Driving Licence


One of the basic aims of   Transport Department is to ensure that only skilled and qualified persons are given Driving Licenses.   A person who wishes to obtain a driving license should first get a Learner’s License. 

   1.     Learner’s License

   2.      Driving License

   3.     Endorsement in Driving License to Drive Any Other Class Of Vehicle

   4.     Public Service Badge

   5.     Endorsement to drive carrying Hazardous Goods Vehicles

   6.     International Driving License Permit

   7.     Renewal of Driving License

   8.     Duplicate Driving License of this State

   9.      Change of Address in Driving License of this State