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Registration Certificate 

                                   The Motor Vehicles Act provides for the registration of all motor vehicles in the country. Each motor vehicle is assigned with a unique Registration Number.  Once the vehicle is registered, a certificate is issued to the owner of the vehicle.

                                   Non - Transport vehicles are those not used for commercial purposes. The owner uses it for his own use. Transport Vehicles are those used for commercial purposes. They carry cargo and passengers for commercial purposes. The classification of these vehicles is based on gross weight of the vehicle.

                                    In case the owner of a vehicle registered in another State, wants to transfer the vehicle to Tamil Nadu, re-registration has to be done. The procedure for registration, re-registration, Hire-purchase, termination of hire-purchase hypothecation cancellation, Change of ownership of vehicle is given below:-


1.            Temporary Registration of motor vehicles

2.            Registration of Motor Vehicle

3.            Change of address in Registration Certificate

4.            Duplicate Registration Certificate

5.            Endorsing Hire Purchase Agreement

6.            Hire Purchase Termination

7.            Renewal Of Registration

8.            Transfer of ownership of the vehicle of this State  

9.            Re-Registration of vehicle (or) Transfer of ownership from other State

10.   No Objection Certificate

11.  Advance Registration Number allotted by the Government

12   Advance Registration Number allotted by the Regional Transport Officer within 1000 number from starting number of that day

13.   Alteration of vehicles

14.   Registration Numbers reserved by the Government