Road Safety is life safety                                                       Keep sufficient distance from vechicle                                                   Safety is more important than speed                                                   Speed Thrills But Kills                                                   Normal speed meets every need.


I) Duties and Responsibilities of Transport Vehicle


a)     ply only under a valid permit.

b)     pay taxes/fees due to the department in time.  Insure the vehicle.

c)      get emission level certificates and check excess emission of smoke frequently.

d)     get fitness certificate on time.  Keep the vehicle in a trim condition.

e)     behave courteously / politely.

f)        employ qualified drivers.

g)     Have first aid kits in the vehicle. Do not use musical horns & dazzling lights.

II) Road users

a)     Respect traffic laws.

b)     Use pedestrian crossing, subways, foot over, bridge wherever necessary.

c)      Do not hang on the foot Board while traveling.


III) A Word for Professional Drivers.

a)     drive a vehicle with a valid driving license.  Renew in time.  Respect traffic laws.  Do not overspeed and overtake in bridges and curves.  Do not use horns unnecessarily.   Check the condition of the vehicle before use, particularly the brake.  Don’t park in non-parking zones.


iv) General Public who visit Transport

Department Offices for any


1)     apply in a proper application.

2)     apply with necessary fee and documents.

3)     meet and handover the applications to the concerned official.

4)     avoid touts and middleman.

5)     don’t offer presents and gifts to any member of the staff.

6)     to report to the higher and competent authority for remedies if needed.

7)      not to interrupt the official duties of the Staff.