Road Safety is life safety                                                       Keep sufficient distance from vechicle                                                   Safety is more important than speed                                                   Speed Thrills But Kills                                                   Normal speed meets every need.


FORM - 45 Application for Grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle
FORM - 46 Application for Grant of Authorisation for Tourist permit or National permit
FORM - 47 Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit
FORM - 48 Application for the Grant of National Permit
FORM - N.A.M.V. Notice of alternation to a Motor Vehicle
FORM - SCPA Application for a Permit in respect of a Stage Carriage / Service of Stage Carriages
FORM - PSVPA Application for a permit in respect of a Private Service Vehicle to be used otherwise than for hire or reward
FORM - PEA Application for Endorsement / Extension of the validity of a permit
FORM - P.V.A Application for Variation of Permit
FORM - SPR Stoppage report for Transport Vehicles
FORM - TGR Timing Register of Stage Carriage of Station
FORM - P.R.A. Application for Renewal of Permit
FORM - CCPA Application for a Permit in respect of a Contract Carriage
FORM - GCPA Application for Permit in respect of a Goods Carriage
FORM - PEVA Application for a Permit in respect of an Educational Institution
FORM - A.C.C. Application for Surrender of Permit and Clearance Certificate
FORM - P.T.A. Application in respect of Temporary Permit
FORM - P.S.P.L.A. Application for a Special Permit in respect of a Contract Carriage