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 About Us

The present Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department came in to being in Secretariat in year 1916 in the name 'Local and Municipal Department' .  It comprised of Local, Municipal, Plague, Medical and Legislative Branches.

Our Objectives

This enormous increase in the urban population has placed tremendous responsibility on the Government to provide civic services of a high order so as to maintain and improve the quality of urban life. Apart from planning the growth of the urban centres, Government have to seriously consider arresting the degradation of urban environment due to the increasing pressure of the population so that the urban areas do not degenerate into urban slums.

Provision of a clean urban environment and maintaining public health in the urban areas calls for an integrated approach in the provision of core civic services. 

This department has made massive investment for undertaking critical capital investment works in the urban local bodies for 

water supply, 
roads and buildings, 
storm water drains, 
street lighting, 
solid waste management, 
sanitation and 
bus stands, 
commercial complexes etc. 

The following urban local bodies come under the control of Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department:-

List of Municipalities with their respective Grades

Municipal Corporations




Town Panchayats


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