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Procedure for getting Pension & related Forms


Click here to view the diagrammatic representation of the procedure for getting Pension

1.  Submission of Pension Proposals  by a retiring Government Servant :-

 Documents to be attached

Combined Application for GeneralProvident Fund final withdrawal and Pension as prescribed in G. O. Ms. No. 211 Finance(Pension) Department dated 27.05.2009 has to be sent to the Accountant General, Chennai-18.

           1(a)  Family Pension:-

                 Documents to be attached.

  1.  Application for Family Pension in Form - 14.    The application for family pension has to be submitted to the Treasury, if authorisation for family pension is already indicated in the Pension Payment Order.  In other cases, the application should be submitted to Accountant General through the Head of Office where the Government servant last served;

  2. Proof for Death;

  3. Legal heirship certificate issued by the  Tahsildar or by the Court of Law;

  4. Where claim is made by guardian, guardianship certificate

  5. All other documents specified in  Form -1

2.  Head of Office should send the  pension proposals to the Accountant General, Chennai-18  with the following documents in addition to the documents mentioned above.

  1. Service Register  of the employee; 

  2. Statement of Qualifying Service ( 3 sets)

  3.  Working sheet of pensionery benefits (3 sets)

  4. Pension calculation sheet (3 sets);

  5. Form -I89

  6. Form -II

  7. Part II Form ( 3 sets);

3. Accountant General sends Pension Payment Order (Disbursers Half) to the Treasury.

4. Another Half of Pension Payment Order sent to the Pensioner.

5. Authorisations sent to Last served Office to draw DCRG.

6. DCRG Bill sent to Treasury for payment by the Drawing Officer.

7. Treasury makes payment through ECS.

8. Pensioner may exercise option to receive pension either through Pilot /PSB scheme.