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To market Handloom products produced by Weavers Co-operative Societies, a State level Apex-Marketing Co-operative Society, "Co-optex" has been established.  Co-optex has wide network of show rooms in and outside of Tamil Nadu.  Further, as part of Market promotion strategy with an inbuilt objective to provide continuous employment to the Weavers, Marketing Complexes have been set up in the following places by the Department of Handlooms and Textiles.

a)  Kanchi Cooperative Silks, Anna Salai, Chennai.

b) Ezhukadal Handloom Showroom, Madurai.

c) Tamilnadu Handloom Cooperative Marketing Complex, Dharmapuri.

d) Tamilnadu Handloom Cooperative Marketing Complex, Pondicherry.

As part of its marketing strategy, Cooperative Societies have now been encouraged to market their products under the brand name "LOOM WORLD" which has been performing well at Chennai Anna Nagar, Coimbatore & Erode with an idea to promote the sale of handloom products produced by the Weavers Cooperative Societies.  It has been programmed to popularise the 'LOOM WORLD' concept through the existing chain of Cooperative Society's outlets at various districts of Tamil Nadu, as good response is received from the Public is encouraging.

The various varieties of handloom products exhibited in the "LOOM WORLD'" showroom includes, Silk and Cotton Sarees, Chudithar, Silk and Cotton Dhoties, Angavasathrams, Shirtings, Lungies, Home Textiles such as Bed Spreads, Furnishings, Napkins, Kerchiefs, Towels and Footmats.