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5977 Records Found
Revenue Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No. 458 Dt: August 18 ,1999    Download Icon(26KB)
Tamil Nadu Patta Pass Book Act, 1983 (Tamil Nadu Act 4 of 1986) Commencement of the said Act excep
Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
Year :1999
G.O.Lr.No. 30415 Dt: July 29 ,1999    Download Icon(22KB)
Public Service - Appointment on Compassionate Grounds-Supernumerary posts Allocated - Request f
G.O.Lr.No. 168 Dt: September 28 ,1999    Download Icon(19KB)
Public Services – Advancement to Selection Grade/Special Grade-Counting the services rendered in
G.O.Ms.No. 71 Dt: April 20 ,1999    Download Icon(154KB)
SERVICE ASSOCIATIONS – Tamil Nadu Government Servants Recognition of Service Associations Rules, 1974
G.O.Lr.No. 33156 Dt: June 17 ,1999    Download Icon(23KB)
Public Services – Departmental Promotion Committee – Nomination of SC/ST Member in Selection
Energy Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No.57 Dt: March 16 ,1999    Download Icon(58KB)
Energy Department - Monitoring the power supply position in the State - High Level Official Committee- Constitution of - Orders - Issued
Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No.90 Dt: May 13 ,1999    Download Icon(92KB)
Tamil Nadu Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1973 - No Objection Certificate to Government Servants to apply for passport
Environment and Forests Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No. 226 Dt: October 15 ,1999    Download Icon(96KB)
Environment Central – Coastal regulation zone – Tamil Nadu State coastal Zone Management Authority – clearance of Projects – Levy of Scrutiny Fees – Revised
Labour and Employment Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No.107 Dt: October 28 ,1999    Download Icon(52KB)
Minimum Wages Act, 1948 – Revision of Minimum rates of wages for the employment in agriculture an
G.O.Ms.No.19 Dt: February 22 ,1999    Download Icon(36KB)
Acts and Rules – The Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1985- The Tamil Nadu St
Energy Department
Year :1999
G.O. MS.No.156 Dt: August 09 ,1999    Download Icon(62KB)
ELECTRICITY - Establishment of Tamil Nadu State Electricity Regulatory Commission - Notified - Amendment to Notification - Orders - Issued.
Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
Year :1999
Letter No.21430/SAT/99-1 Dt: May 04 ,1999    Download Icon(77KB)
Tamil Nadu Administrative Tribunal – Appearance Before the High Court,Madras on review of orders Passed by the Tamil Nadu Administrative Tribunal Instructions – Regarding
Home, Prohibition and Excise Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No. 1523 Dt: November 17 ,1999    Download Icon(46KB)
Approved Modified Scheme for Mini Bus in the State of Tamil Nadu.
Finance Department
Year :1999
Letter No. 46490 Dt: August 11 ,1999    Download Icon(60KB)
Medical Assistance under Tamil Nadu Government Employees Health Fund Scheme - Format for application
Labour and Employment Department
Year :1999
G.O Ms No. 125 Dt: October 09 ,1999    Download Icon(25KB)
Act – Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments (Amentment) Act, 1999 – Date of coming into force –
Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi Department
Year :1999
G.O.Ms.No.79 Dt: April 19 ,1999    Download Icon(39KB)
Weavers Cooperative Societies – Tamil Nadu Cooperative Handloom Weavers Savings and Security Sch
Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
Year :1998
G.O.Ms.No.175 Dt: July 10 ,1998    Download Icon(21KB)
PUBLIC SERVICES – Spot Promotion for courage and self-sacrifice while performing duties by Governm
G.O.Lr.No.20920 Dt: April 02 ,1998    Download Icon(18KB)
Establishment – Personnel – Appointment of Government servants From posts carrying higher scale
G.O.Lr.No.20054 Dt: April 22 ,1998    Download Icon(19KB)
Tamil Nadu Government Servants’ Conduct Rules, 1973 – Supreme Court judgement in the case of Vis
G.O.Lr.No.77839 Dt: February 06 ,1998    Download Icon(19KB)
Fundamental Rules – Voluntary retirement conditions under FR.56(3)(e) – obtaining report from t