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Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection Department
Year : 2003
G.O.(3D).No. 38 Dt: August 18, 2003   Download Icon 25KBPublic Distribution System - Family cards - Issue of Honorary Family Cards - Orders - Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No. 221 Dt: June 24, 2003   Download Icon 21KBTamil Nadu State Apex Cooperative Bank – Proposals for wage revision and other perquisites to the employees of Tamil Nadu State Ap ex Cooperative Bank - Orders Issued
G.O.(D) No.158 Dt: June 19, 2003   Download Icon 20KBMotor vehicle - Civil Supplies - Vehicle premature condemnation for Mahendra and Mahendra Jeep TMP 7213 allotted to Special Tahsildar Civil Supplies Coimbatore (South) - Condemnation - orders - issued
G.O.Ms.No. 210 Dt: June 12, 2003   Download Icon 22KBPublic Services - Co-operative Department - Thiru R.S. Natarajan, Additional Registrar of Cooperative Societies (under suspension) - Charges framed under rule 17(b) of Tamil Nadu Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules - Further action d ropped - Orders issued.
G.O.Ms.No. 199 Dt: June 02, 2003   Download Icon 32KBTender-Constitution of Tender Scrutiny Committee and Tender Accepting Committee for purchase of decontrolled varieties of chemical fertilizers and for purchase of Pesticides,Seeds, Agricultural Implements, Neem Oil Cake etc-Orders-Issued.
G.O.Ms.No. 195 Dt: May 23, 2003   Download Icon 25KBCo-operation – Waiver of interests to the small and marginal farmers – conversion of short term loan into Medium term loan - Orders Issued.
G.O.(D) No.127 Dt: May 22, 2003   Download Icon 23KBPart II – Schemes 2003-2004 – Interest Free loan to Physically handicapped Women for availing credit from Co-operative banks – Sanctioned
G.O.(D) No.121 Dt: May 08, 2003   Download Icon 23KBOne Time Settlement Scheme - Implemented by Tamil Nadu Cooperative State Agriculture and Rural Development Bank, Primary Agriculture and Rural Development Banks, District Central Cooperative Banks and Primary Agriculture Cooperative Banks - Repayment period of the scheme - Extension of time up to 30.6.2003 - Orders Issued.
Year : 2000
G.O.Ms.No. 220 Dt: October 03, 2000   Download Icon 33KBEssential Commodities Act, 1955 (Central Act X of 1955) - Solvent, Raffinate and Slop (Acquisition, Sale, Storage and Prevention of use in Automobiles) Order, 2000 - Promulgated by Government of India - Licensing Authorities - Authorised by Government - Orders Issued.
G.O. Ms. No. 219 Dt: October 03, 2000   Download Icon 31KBEssential Commodities Act, 1955 (Central Act X of 1 955) - Naphtha (Acquisition, Sale, Storage and Prevention of use in Automobiles) Order, 2000 - Promulgated by Government of India - Licensing Authorities - Autho rised by Government - Orders Issued
G.O.Ms. No.217 Dt: September 27, 2000   Download Icon 25KBEssential Commodities Act , 1955 (Central Act of 1955) - Edible Oils packaging (Regulation) Order, 1998 - Exemption of Edible Oils from provisions of order -Further extension of period - Orders Issued.