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Public Works Department
Year : 2017
G.O Ms. No. 54 Dt: March 10, 2017   Download Icon 128KBAnnouncement - Announcement made in Budget Speech 2016-2017 - Kudimaramath - Water bodies Restoration with Participatory Approach - Implementation on pilot basis at a cost of Rs. 100 Crore - Works to be implemented under Kudimaramath - list of works - Approved - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No. 12 Dt: January 21, 2017   Download Icon 478KBAnnouncement - Announcement made in Budget Speech 2016-2017, Implementation of the Kudimaramath - Water bodies Restoration with Participatory Approach on a pilot basis for the year 2016-17 at at estimated cost of Rs.100 Crore - Procedures for implementation of the project - Administrative Sanction - Accorded - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2015
D.O. Letter No. 14722/C.Spl.1/2015 Dt: September 15, 2015   Download Icon 887KBD.O. Letter - Secretary to the Government of India - Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation - Final Order of the Tribunal, the flow realized at Billigundulu - shortfall
D.O. Letter No. 14722/C.Spl.1/2015- Dt: September 15, 2015   Download Icon 2MBD.O. Letter - Chief Secretary to the Government - Karnataka - Final Order of the Tribunal, the flow realized at Billigundulu - shortfall
Year : 2014
G.O Ms.No. 260 Dt: December 30, 2014   Download Icon 509KBAnnouncement - Water Resources Department - Lining and improvements to Puthurvayal channel in Gudalur Taluk of The Nilgiris District at a cost of Rs.2.47 Crore - Administrative sanction - Accorded - Orders issued.
G.O Ms.No. 256 Dt: December 29, 2014   Download Icon 182KBRules - Public Works Department - Tamil Nadu Engineering Subordinate Service - Qualification for the post of Assistant Draughtsman - Amendment to the Special Rules - Orders - Issued.
Letter No. 2128/C2/2008-20 Dt: November 28, 2014   Download Icon 265KBPension - W.P.No 39835 and 39836 of 2006 (T) (q.A.No. 7484 and 7626 of 1999 files by Thiru. S. Rajendiran, Secretary, Irrigation Workers Union, Thanjavur - Sanction of higher scale of pay of Rs. 4000 - 6000 in respect of irrigation Assistant - Clarification sought for - Reg.
G.O Ms.No. 218 Dt: October 13, 2014   Download Icon 313KBWater Resources Department - Chennai City Waterways - Premonsoon Preparedness Works for the year 2014 - Execution of 43 Works at an estimated cost of Rs. 362.00 Lakh - Sanction - Accorded - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2013
G.O Ms.No. 217 Dt: September 06, 2013   Download Icon 76KBWater Resources Department - Chennai City Waterways – Premonsoon preparedness Works for the year 2013 –Execution of 58 Works at a cost of Rs.362.00 Lakh – Administrative Sanction – Accorded – Orders – Issued.
G.O (Ms).No. 108 Dt: June 10, 2013   Download Icon 18KBTN IAMWARM Project – Proposal for the enhancement of the consolidated pay of the Data Entry Operator in the Office of IAMWARM Project from Rs. 7500/-per month to Rs. 10,000/- per month under contract basis as approved.,
G.O (Ms).No. 95 Dt: June 04, 2013   Download Icon 32KBTN IAMWARM Project – Improvements to the Paraliyar Link Canal from Vaigai River to divert the flood flow to feed the Paraliyar fed tanks in Paramakudi and Muthukulathur Taluks of Ramanathapuram District.,
G.O (Ms).No. 80 Dt: May 30, 2013   Download Icon 41KBTN-IAMWARM Project – Formation of Committee for review of additional schemes - Orders- issued.
G.O (Ms).No. 62 Dt: May 03, 2013   Download Icon 36KBTN IAMWARM Project – Conversion of the post of Training Coordinator (with Consolidated Pay of Rs.32000/- pm) into the post of Training Co-ordinator in the Revised Pay Band of Rs.15600-39100 (PB3)plus GP Rs.5400 in the Multi Disciplinary Project Unit.,
G.O (Ms).No. 59 Dt: April 26, 2013   Download Icon 41KBTN IAMWARM Project – Component D- i) Continuance of all the posts in SWaRMA upto 30.09.2014 – ii) By revalidation of G.O. (Ms) No. 307 Public works (WR1) Department, dated 20.10.2010 .,
G.O (Ms).No. 58 Dt: April 26, 2013   Download Icon 26KBTN IAMWARM Project – Multi Disciplinary Project Unit office - Enhancement of consolidated pay of Three Contract Employees – Agenda approved by the Empowered Committee – Orders – Issued.
G.O (Ms).No. 57 Dt: April 26, 2013   Download Icon 32KBTN IAMWARM Project – Rehabilitation of tanks, anicuts and supply channels in 60 packages of 25 sub basins and Strengthening of Central and Regional Quality Control Labs at an total estimated cost of Rs.236.4486 crores.,
G.O (Ms).No. 56 Dt: April 23, 2013   Download Icon 33KBTN IAMWARM Project – Multi Disciplinary Project Unit - Administrative Sanction for extension of the TN IAMWARM Project upto 30.09.2014, continuance of the 72 staff of MDPU upto 30.09.2014 and Administrative Sanction for a sum of Rs.2.00 crores.,
G.O (Ms).No. 48 Dt: April 06, 2013   Download Icon 43KBTN IAMWARM Project – Proposal for the purchase of Consumables for the computers, printers and Xerox machines procured under IAMWARM Project for the office of the Chief Engineer, DRCS, Chepauk, Chennai- 5.,
G.O (Ms).No. 46 Dt: April 04, 2013   Download Icon 73KBPublic Works Department – SWaRMA (State Water Resources Management Agency) – Constitution of Executive Wing of the SWaRMA – Orders - Issued.
G.O (Ms).No. 45 Dt: April 02, 2013   Download Icon 26KBIAMWARM - Design, Development and Implementation of Enterprise Information System (EIMS) – Deployment of IT Specialist in office of the Engineer in Chief, Water Resources Department – Sanctioned – Orders – Issued.