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Festival Advance to Pensioners

9.1  Festival Advance

The Scheme of Festival Advance to pensioners was introduced in 1971 the various stages of the scheme are as follows :-

G.O.265 Fin 19.02.1971 &
150 Fin 18.11.1972

Advance for any festival at one month 
Pension or Rs.100 which ever is less.

1504 Fin 10.11.1972 

Security bond for the advance dispensed with.

836 Fin  31.07.1976

Admissible for those in receipt of pension of
Rs.750 and below only

1091 Fin 04.10.1989   

Amount of advance raised to Rs.300

 953 Fin 10.10.1990

Limit of eligibility upto Rs.750 removed. 
Amount of Advance raised to Rs.500

The System of applying every year for sanction of advance for festival was dispensed with. The pensioner who has to receive the advance has to give an irrevocable option to the Treasury or Pension pay office and it will be recorded in the Pension Pay Order and annual payment is made to the pensioner for such festival as opted. It will be recoverable in ten equal monthly installments from pension. For a particular festival falling before 15th of a month, the advance shall be paid along with the pension for previous to the previous month. If the festival falls before 15th October, the advance will be paid with the pension for the month of August. G.O. 623 Fin 16.12.1997.

9.2   Pongal Gift

From 1990, the Pongal Gift is being paid annually to the pensioners and Family Pensioners, @ Rs.100 per pensioner and it was raised to Rs.150 from the 1998 Pongal G.O.2 Fin 02.01.1990 and 644 Fin 29.12.1997.

The Public Sector Bank Scheme of payment of pension does not contemplate payment of Pongal Gift to the pensioner and in those cases the treasury has to process the payment. ( Letter 12109 / 91 Fin 25.03.1991).

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