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8. Recovery of Government Dues / Losses to Government /
 Audit Objections


8.1   The Government reserve the right of withholding or withdrawing a pension or part thereof permanently or for a specified period to themselves, if the pensioner is found guilty of any pecuniary loss caused to Government  ( Rule 9 )

8.2    If a Pensioner is found guilty of negligence causing pecuniary loss to Government or local body or Cooperative Society during the period of his service or during reemployment after retirement, Government has power to order recovery from the pension / Gratuity of whole or part of such loss Rule 9(b). If such recovery is ordered it should not exceed one third of the pension as on date of retirement. Excess payment of pension can be deducted from subsequent pension or family pension without the consent of the Pensioner \ family Pensioner. ( Rule 9(5) ) G.O.784 Fin 16.10.1971, Letter 13755 / 92 Fin 20.02.1992 , G.O. 702 FIN 7.10 1988).

8.3   Government employee has to clear all dues to Government before the date of his retirement. If he does not clear such dues by that date, he has either to furnish cash deposit for such amount or such dues shall be deducted from the gratuity payable to him. ( Rule 70 ).


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