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12.1  Family of the Government Employee who died While in Service

The family of the Government employee who died while in service has to proceed as follows :

i) The fact of death has to be reported to the Head of office soon after the death of the employee and apply for advance for funeral expenses from the Tamil Nadu Government employees Family Security Fund.

ii) Obtain death certificate and heir ship certificate

iii) Approach the Head of Office with application for sanction of encashment of leave, special Provident Fund - cum Gratuity, settlement of G.P.F.Account, Lumpsum payment under T.N. Government Employees Family Security Fund, Relief under House Building Advance

iv) Submit application to the A.G. through the Head of Office for sanction of family pension and gratuity (Form 12 and 14)

12.2  Retiring Government Employee

a) Before Retirement :- The Government employee has to submit his application for pension and gratuity, 12 months prior to his date of retirement to the A.G. through the Head of Office. He has to submit the application for final withdrawal of G.P.F. four months prior to the date of retirement through the Head of Office.

b) At the time of Retirement :- He has to apply for encashment of leave, sanction of special provident fund cum gratuity.

c) After Retirement :- The employee soon after his retirement has to pursue to get the authorisation for pension, gratuity and G.P.F. from the A.G. if they are not received before the date of retirement. (Form 3,4,5and form A & B).

12.3   On death of Pensioner

The spouse has to obtain death certificate and apply for family pension to the Pension disbursing officer i.e. the Pension Pay Officer / Treasury Officer / Sub Treasury officer. The application for sanction of lump sum amount of Rs. 25000 has to be sent to the P.P.O / Treasury if the pensioner had been subscribing to the scheme for not less than 12 months. An application for payment of L.T.A. has to be sent. Certificate of non employment and remarriage have to be furnished. The undrawn pension of the deceased pensioner for the period after the date of death, should be adjusted against the family pension due and sanction the Family Pension without insisting any refund by the Bank.(ir.88164/95-20 Fin 06.11.2000).


If the Pensioner’s Bank account remains inoperative for successive six months, the bank has to report the fact to the PPO / Treasury and then the pension should be stopped pending production of Life Certificate or Persenting for muster by the pensioner. If such Life Certificate or muster is not made, the Bank shall refund such undrawn pension with saving bank interest to PPO \ Treasury (Letter 88164 / 95-19 Fin 06.09.2000)


In case of DCR gratuity, the A.G. will send the authorisation to the Head of Office and he will draw the amount and pay to the retired official or to the nominee. In case of pension the A.G. will send and intimation about pension payment order and authorisation for commuted amount of pension to the individual and he has to approach the treasury / P.P.O with such intimation for payment. After necessary muster, obtain payment of the pension and commuted value of pension and Pension Payment Order. The G.P.F. and Special G.P.F will be drawn and paid by the Head of Office.


In respect of Family Pension while an employee died while in service, on receipt of authorisation from the A.G., The P.P.O/ Treasury has to be approached to get the pension. The gratuity and other benefits have to be drawn by the Head of Office and paid to them. In respect of family pension on the death of a pensioner the spouse has to approach the Treasury / P.P.O with death certificate and P.P.O of the deceased pensioner with joint photo and get the L.T.A, family pension and lump sum amount of Rs.25,000.

12.7  Other Formalities

(i) Under S.R.78 to T.R.16 the pensioner has to appear before the treasury officer / P.P.O. once in every year and identify himself. ( Mustering ) Government have provided to furnish Life Certificate, non-employment, non-remarriage, non-marriage certificates, at any time during the months of April, May and June of EVERY YEAR to the Pension Disbursing Officer after duly getting attested by the Revenue Inspector, Deputy Tahsildar, Tahsildar, Gazetted Officers of State and Central Government, Bank Managers of the banks where the pension is drawn under Pilot Scheme.

If such Life Certificate is not produced before 30th June of every year, the Pension Disbursing Officer has to call the pensioners for annual mustering during the month of July. If the pensioner fail to furnish Life Certificate OR appear for annual mustering , the payment of pension shall be stopped from the month of August pending furnishing such certificate or appearing for muster.(G.O.376 Fin. 3.5.1994, 587 Fin. 12.7.1994 751 Fin. 2.9.1994, 212 Fin. 24.5.2001 and Govt. Lr. No. 45061/Pension/2001-1 Dt.29.6.2001) Pensioners specially exempted from personal appearance by the Government Women who are not accustomed to appear in public, and pensioners who produce satisfactory evidence that they are unable to appear because of bodily illness or infirmity need not appear at the treasury in person to claim payment of their pensions. (T.R. 16 S.R.66(6)).

ii) If pension payment order is lost, a duplicate can be obtained from the treasury on payment of prescribed fee T.R.16 S.R.85 .

iii) Pension may be drawn in the following manner : In cash from the treasury / by money order to the residence / by crediting the amount to the pensioners bank account ( Pilot scheme / Public Sector Bank Scheme ) As per G.O. 242 Fin 14.04.1988, the pensioners drawing the basic pension of Rs.400 and below may opt for getting the pension by Money Order at Government cost. Under the Pilot scheme of payment of pension through Banks, the treasury / P.P.O intimates every month the pension to be credited to the account of the pensioner to the banks at the request of the pensioners with the concurrence of the bank. Under the Public Sector Bank scheme, the treasury does not send intimation every month to the bank but the Pension Disburser’s Half of the Pension Payment Order itself is transmitted to the bank and the bank itself credits the monthly dues to the pensioner ( G.O.456 Fin 30.06.1988. Pensioners who have opted to get the pension under Public Sector Bank Scheme, can revert to the payment through the treasury or Pilot scheme. Lr. 15555/89-1 Fin 17.02.1989 .

iv) After the death of the pensioner, the L.T.A. has to be claimed by the family and paid by the treasury if it is with in one year from the date of death. If the claim is made after one year it has to be paid with the sanction of the following authorities.

Upto the arrears of Rs.20000    Pension Disbursing Officer

Rs.20,001 to Rs.70,000               with the sanction of C.T.A.

Above Rs.70,000                         with the sanction of Govt.,

SR 86(a) to T.R.16 G.O.638 Fin 27.07.1994 . & 557 Fin 6.12. 2000.

v) Pension has to be paid by way of credit to the bank account on the last working day of the month (727 Fin 17.08.1987 7546/91-8 Fin 19.03.1992).

vi) Pensioners and the family pensioners who desire to draw pension in a place outside the state should apply to the Accountant General of the other state through the pension disbursing Officer and A.G. Tamilnadu.

vii) Pension fixed as per rules cannot be revised to the detriment of the pensioner except in cases of over payment or clerical error.

viii) Retired employees of A & B Group have to obtain permission of Government to accept private employment within two years of retirement Rule 10.

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