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Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners Family Security Fund


Government have introduced an Optional and self supporting scheme by which the pensioners have to make monthly contribution to the scheme till the date of death and in return, the family members of the pensioner will get a lump sum amount of Rs.25000 on the death of the pensioner. The contribution from the pensioner was Rs.20 p.m from 01.01.1997 to 31.03.1999, Rs.40 per month from 01.04.1999 to 31.05.2000, Rs.50 p.m from 01.06.2000 and Rs.70 p.m from 01.11.2001 and Rs.80/- p.m. from 7-6-2014. In case of the death of the pensioner after making contribution for one year the amount of Rs. 50,000/- will be paid to the spouse if alive, and if the spouse is not alive to the nominee of the pensioner, if a nomination is made. If no nomination is made payment will be made to the legal heirs of the pensioner. The pensioner need not make nomination if the spouse is alive and he has to make nomination if spouse is not alive. Nomination will be recorded in the Pension Payment Order. If the nominee dies before such payment, the legal heir will be eligible to get the amount. The Pension Pay officer/ Treasury Officer / Sub Treasury Officer are empowered to sanction the lump sum amount. If the pensioners do not opt for the scheme they shall give in writing that they are not willing to join the scheme within 15 days of the date of retirement. After exercising option to subscribe to the scheme the pensioner can also withdraw from the scheme by addressing the Pension Disbursing Officer to that effect. In such case, the amount recovered till such withdrawal shall be refunded to the pensioner by the Director of Pension on receipt of intimation from such Pension Disbursing Officer.

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