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Frequently Asked Questions

Tamil Nadu Govt. Pensioners' Family Security Fund Scheme, 1997

1) What is the amount of benefit sanctioned to the beneficiaries ?

For those Pensioners who died before 31.5.2012 .. Rs.25,000

For those pensioners who died on or after 1.6.2012 .. Rs.35,000

For those pensioners who died on or after 7.6.2013 .. Rs.50,000

2) Who are eligible for the lumpsum benefit ?

The Spouse of the Pensioner is eligible; In case the spouse is not alive, the person nominated by the Pensioner is eligible; When no nomination exists, the legal

heir of the deceased pensioner is eligible.

3) Whether legal heir of the Family Pensioners are eligible to apply for the benefit ?

TamilNadu Govt. Family Pensioners are not covered under the scheme.

4) What are the documents to be enclosed to the application ?

(a) In case of Spouse - (i) Copy of Pension Payment Order (ii) Death Certificate (iii) Advance stamped Receipt ( All documents with due attestation)

(b) In case of nomination - The above documents and the nomination (duly attested by the Pension disbursing Officer concerned)

(c) In case of Legal Heir- (i) Copy of Pension Payment Order (ii) Death Certificate of Pensioner and Spouse (iii) Advance stamped Receipt (iv) Legal Heirship Certificate (v) No objection Certificate from the other Legal Heirs duly authenticated

5) To whom the Application for lumpsum benefit is to be submitted ?

The application is to be submitted to the Pension Disbursing Officers, viz. Pension Pay Officer, Chennai, Treasury Officers, Sub treasury Officers. For those

pensioners who are drawing pension under the Public Sector Bank Scheme, the application has to be submitted to the Branch Managers of the respective Bank.

6) Whether the Bank Managers of the Public Sector Bank Scheme sanction the benefit?

The Bank Managers will forward the application and other documents to the Pension Pay Officer or Treasury Officer concerned for sanction.

7) What is the mode of payment to the beneficiary ?

Payment of lumpsum benefit is made by means of cheque to the beneficiary's address by registered Post.

8) What is the procedure if the lumpsum cheque undelivered and returned ?

The Spouse of the deceased Pensioner may directly apply to the Director of Pension, Chennai 35 with a copy of the Pension Payment Order.

If the cheque undelivered, stating the beneficiary as deceased, the legal heir may apply with the documents detailed in 4(c) above, and the personal identity Card such as aadhar etc.

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