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Season and Crop Report of Tamil Nadu 2004-05


The Season and Crop Report of Tamill Nadu is the prime annual Publication of Tamil Nadu on Agricultural statistics of the State by the Department of Economics and Statistics, Tamil Nadu. The data required for the report have been collected and compiled from many agencies.

The daily rainfall data furnished by the India Meteorological Department forms the basis for the tables pertaining to Rainfall.

The Village level agricultural data such as Land Use, Irrigation and Crop-wise area sown recorded in the cultivation accounts maintained by the Village Administrative Officers form the basis for the report on area Statistics. The village level data are further consolidated to Taluk / District and State level information. 

The production has been estimated from the yield rates derived from the Crop Estimation Surveys conducted utilising the services of the officials of the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture. In the case of minor crops such as Onion, Chillies, Turmeric, Tapioca, Coconut, Fruits and Vegetables, Crop Estimation Surveys have been conducted by the field staff of this Department.

The data on wholesale Prices, Retail Prices and Agricultural Wages have also been collected by the field staff of this Department.

The data thus collected, have been compiled for the state as a whole and tabulated under appropriate caption.

The report consists of three parts.

Part-I is the textual presentation of behaviour of monsoon, Ninefold Classification of Land Use, irrigation and comparative analysis of area, production and yield rate of principal crops with that of previous year.

Part-II deals with the Summary tables and Index numbers of Agricultural Economy

. Part-III exhibits detailed districtwise data on Rainfall, Land Use Statistics, Sources of Irrigation, Area, Production and Yield Rate of crops, Agricultural Wages, Wholesale and Retail Prices etc.

In this report, some attempt has been made to compare the past 10 years trend on Gross area sown, Area and Production of Foodgrains in Tamilnadu and also Area and Production of Foodgrains in major foodgrains producing states in India. This will give a good picture about the trend in Tamilnadu and also some comparison with other states.

It is hoped that the Agricultural Statistics furnished in this Report would benefit the Policy makers, Programme Implementers, Agricultural Scientists and others interested in AgriculturalStatistics.

Suggestions for improvement of this publicatipon are welcome.

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Dated. 28. 12. 2005

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