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Seniority List


  Name of the Service Name of the Post

General Service

Revised Final list of Class-VII & VIIA Officers
Junior Assistants
Final list of Class-V Officers
Class IV Officers
Class II, Class I and Class IA Officers
  Class IV Officers

Engineering Service

Work Inspector / Tap Inspector  
Work Inspector / Tap Inspector  
Assistant Engineer / Junior Engineer 
Electrician Grade I
Assistant Executive Engineer
  Assistant Engineer/Junior Engineer
  Overseer / Draughtsman

Electrical Superintendent Grade-I


Electrical Superintendent Grade II


Electrician Grade I



Medical Service

Maternity Assistant and Multi Purpose Health Worker  

Public Health Service

Sanitary Inspectors 


Grade III Municipalities - Public Health Service

Sanitary Supervisor  

Tentative/ Provisional


Name of the Service Designation

Tamil Nadu Municipal Medical Service

Multi Purpose Health Worker

Maternity Assistant

Grade III Municipalities - Staff  Service

Sanitary Supervisor

Town Planning Service Town Planning Officers
Town Planning Inspectors
  Engineering Service Work Inspector / Tap Inspector    
Electrician Grade-II /Wireman    
Executive Engineer (ME Grade-I)
Water Works Superintendent
Work Inspector / Tap Inspector


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