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Acts & Rules and Documents


Acts and Rules of Govt.  
Tamil Nadu Policy for Urban Street Vendors
Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure
Compendium on the Tsunami
Psycho-Social Support and Mental Health Services in Disasters
Ready Reckoner on Municipal Solid Waste Management for ULBs
Improving Municipal Solid Waste Management in India
India's Urban awakening: Building inclusive cities, sustaining economic growth
Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains
Conservation and Development of Cultural and Historical Town in Tamil Nadu
Seed Capital Assistance Scheme
Implementation of Traffic Management Projects
Tax on Vacant Lands - Tamil Nadu Town Panchayats, ULBs (except Chennai Corporation)
An Act to provide for the levy and collection of duty on transfers of property in the municipal areas














[Introduction]  [Organisational Charts]  [Policy Notes]  [Government Orders]  [Services]  [FAQ]  [What is New?]  [Contacts]  [Forms]  [Links]  [Feedback]  [Home]